Our History

The birthplace of sweet delights

Southwest France is a foodie paradise steeped in a culinary tradition handed down through generations.
Our modest-sized company shares this passion for food, as a leader in bringing flavours, textures, aromas and all things natural to your culinary creations.
An unlimited source of inspiration for all bakers and French pastry cooks.
Our long-lasting passion and expertise require special care and attention: they are constantly nourished by our diligence, creativity and humility.

Logo MCO


It all started with candied fruit and chocolate!

The company called Maîtres Chocolatiers Occitans (MCO) was created. It specialised in making delicious candied fruit coated with exquisite chocolate and sold under the Maison CABAN brand name. An authentic and flavourful range: Orangettes, Citronettes, ChocoFigues, ChocoNoix and so on.


Sweet courses

By acquiring PAINSADOZ, a company specialised in making and selling baker’s confections (desserts for festive occasions), our group developed specialist know-how in producing sugars and yeasts, sparking a renewal of its manufacturing methods and gourmet recipes.

Logo Painsadoz
Gousse vanille


Le Gers

Our company set up its production site in the town of Condom in the Gers, doubling its surface area and capacity. All the while, we continued to hone our methods and processes, launching our coffee and Madagascar-sourced Bourbon vanilla extraction activity.


Fruit in syrup

Acquisition of SENCHOU Frères, canned fruit and jam specialists using fruit harvested from the local orchards in the Le Gers and the Lot-et-Garonnais. With this new expertise under its belt, our group launched its first fruit coulis range.

Senchou Frères LA PATELIERE


LA PATELIERE: a trademark and brand

Drawing on our experience and the success of our products, we launched our first full range of 100% natural ingredients for baking and patisserie under the LA PATELIERE brand.

In the same year, we also launched the LA PATELIERE organic BIO range, with 12 products exclusively aimed at the organic market as well as the restaurant and food service industry.


4500 m2

LA PATELIERE again expanded its site to provide more space for its production workshops and warehouse.

Total surface area: more than 4500 m².

Entrepôt stockage LA PATELIERE
Cerise Gamme Bio arôme


Our Simply Organic range

LA PATELIERE added 9 extra products to its organic range: dried fruit and nuts, agar-agar, glacé Morello cherries and caramel topping.


100% natural flavourings

Emergence of a unit dedicated to producing 100% natural flavourings for baking and patisserie: creation of our blackcurrant, pistachio and cherry flavourings.
LA PATELIERE counts several ‘gourmet’ strings to its bow, to be enjoyed by baking and patisserie lovers.

– Production of baking and patisserie flavourings
– Production of coffee Bourbon vanilla extracts
– Production of candied fruit
– Production of fruits coulis and toppings
– Production of vanilla sugar, baking powders and yeasts

Caramel coulis nappages
Relooking Logo LA PATELIERE


A complete makeover

LA PATELIERE gave its logo and packaging a new look, and reinvented its offering while keeping a firm hold of its values: mouth-watering, healthy and natural ingredients—with a generous serving of creativity!


Our Creative Spark range

The Creative Spark range was designed for decorating and giving that extra special finish to your creations and sweet treats: cakes, ice creams, cake pops, charlottes and so on.

Gamme Créations sucette perles multicolores
Gammes Éclats


Our Sprinkles range

Our Sprinkles range was specifically created for decorating and adding a touch of distinctive crunchiness to culinary innovations. This range can be used to make delicious desserts with a subtle mix of sweet and savoury, or for mouth-watering verrines.

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