Quality, creativity, innovation

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Quality is a passion shared
by all our staff

We are aware of the importance of our responsibility, not only to our suppliers and employees, but also to our clients. As we manufacture only the best baking and patisserie ingredients, we cannot compromise on anything, be it quality or food safety. Our team of quality control (QC) specialists ensures our products meet the highest quality standards, from ingredients through to the finished products, and manages traceability.

As we have complete control over the whole production process for the products we produce and process, from start to finish, we can guarantee that our products are of the highest quality. We are convinced that taste and pleasure go hand in hand with irreproachable quality and responsible management.

All our employees make a vital contribution to the quality of our products, starting with our master confectioners, for example, whose expert eye, fine taste buds and knowledge of all the subtleties of and ways to perfect candying methods are irreplaceable. The quality of each LA PATELIERE candied fruit is tangible proof of their passion.

Innovation is a fundamental source
of development for our company.

Innovation is a source for performance, and LA PATELIERE has really understood this. Every day, our teams work on developing our speciality and our ability to stand out from the crowd:

  • Creating new recipes to meet the needs not only of consumers, but also of professionals (chocolatiers, ice-cream makers, pastry chefs, bakers and chef-restaurateurs).
  • Optimising our current recipes to strive for an ever more wholesome and effective culinary experience.
  • Optimising our packaging and improving the design and practical details of our packaging, always with the same objective in mind: being environmentally friendly.
  • Constantly improving our processes to preserve the natural goodness found in the raw materials we use, as much as we can.

LA PATELIERE also continuously strengthens its R&D capacities by working alongside industrials as well as public sector research, with the help of regional and national bodies such as Midi-Pyrénées Innovation, on early-stage or experimental agri-food projects.

Our offering now includes more than 175 products—coulis, toppings, candied fruit, sugars, yeasts and more—all of the highest quality.

Métiers innovation fabrication usine LA PATELIERE

Packaging and waste

LA PATELIERE has been working for several years on reducing the environmental impact of the waste it produces.

Eco-design for packaging

We work on reducing the weight and size of packaging, select renewable materials, replace plastic with cardboard wherever we can, and more.

Flow optimisation

We optimise our logistics flows on a daily basis to reduce our carbon footprint.

End product packaging management

A large part of our packaging can be recycled.

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Adding end-of-life value to all our waste

This includes boxes, packaging and organic waste. For example, we supply the cosmetics industry with the achenes from our raspberries, or bee-keepers in the region with the sugar from our candying process.

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