A forward-looking, talented and motivated team

Six values making LA PATELIERE a company where commitment takes on a special meaning


We respect our commitments: we say what we do and do as we say, aiming for honesty and transparency.


Performance and quality are at the top of everyone’s list.


We know how to delegate and nourish a team spirit, while giving everyone at least one try.


We are available, tolerant and constantly promote creativity. We respect one another, are attentive and work closely with our team mates.


We promote common sense, encouraging friendly and genuine human interaction on daily basis.


We work to guarantee objectivity and exemplary behaviour.

Our extraordinary know-how

Métier coulis nappages LA PATELIERE

Coulis and toppings

We dream up and produce all our fruits coulis and our toppings.

LA PATELIERE upholds a culinary heritage rooted in tradition, with a constant respect for the environment. We stimulate your senses and stand out from the crowd by rigorously selecting the fruit for our coulis as well as ingredients like cocoa for our toppings, choosing authentic recipes shaped by proven know-how, and having our whole team partake in tasting sessions. Today, the LA PATELIERE range claims the hearts of all those with a care for authenticity and knowing where their flavours come from.

Ready-to-use gourmet products with a consistent quality of flavour: discover all the culinary potential of our coulis and toppings with a hard-to-beat intensity of taste, texture and colour!

The art of candied fruit

LA PATELIERE candied fruit are confectioned by our master confectioner following the purest traditional methods.

Originally, candied fruit were not a delicacy, but a means of preserving fruit when the harvest season had passed. Candying a fruit actually consists of replacing the water content with a sugar-based syrup to preserve the fruit: osmosis occurs between the flesh of the fruit and this luscious nectar.

Simple in appearance, but much more complex in reality, candying has several stages to it. The preparation of each piece of fruit requires particular care. Some are pitted (Morello cherries), and others are peeled (oranges, water melon and so on). The following stages are blanching, bathing in sugar, simmering, and finally draining to separate the fruit from the syrup.

Our know-how ensures our fruits preserve their softness, aroma and flavour.

Métier art confisage fruits confits LA PATELIERE
Metiers Extraction arômes fabrication usine LA PATELIERE


Working with natural produce is demanding and requires boundless creativity: the talent of our flavourists, who are at the heart of our flavourings, overflows with inventiveness! Inventors of signature flavours and new emotions. They draw naturally-derived raw materials together into exciting new mixes, creating unexpected associations. We finalise the mixture using our constantly reinvented industrial expertise.

The creativity of LA PATELIERE delivers on its promises: with more than 30 products, our flavouring range provides you with the widest choice of aromas to give a mouth-watering and wholesome effect, whatever you are making. Our products are concentrated to give a precise dose for all your creations, such as ice cream, biscuits, dairy desserts, pastries, and so on.

Bourbon vanilla and coffee extracts

LA PATELIERE selects the best coffees and vanilla pods to expertly and delicately extract the flavours and aromas, obtaining subtle natural extracts with a consistent quality of flavour.

We only source Bourbon-Madagascar vanilla. It is carefully selected and extracted. The vanilla pods produce a natural extract with an unmatched aromatic richness.

Our love for quality products and slow, meticulous processes is ongoing at LA PATELIERE. Our staff transfer their expertise and their passion over time.

The constancy of the flavour and aroma of our extracts more than justifies the trust placed in us, not only by consumers, but also by many baking and patisserie professionals.

Metiers Extraction arômes fabrication usine LA PATELIERE
Métiers sucres Levures fabrication usine LA PATELIERE

Sugars and yeasts

For a long time now, we have been providing solutions for problems related to preservation, texture and emulsifying for all kinds of culinary situations.

We manufacture and offer specialities based on natural products, with various culinary uses: vanilla sugar, phosphate- and gluten-free baking powder, and so on.

Sourcing and packaging

We select the best dried fruit and nut varieties—in France and worldwide—that are used in special desserts and confectionery, as a topping or in the mix. As a result, our products are superior in terms of taste, texture and aroma, and complete traceability is assured for a perfect fruit.

We pay particular attention to how our dried fruit are packaged and stored, and have specific equipment and a highly specialised team that handle this aspect.

Some of the nuts we work with are:

Almonds in their many forms—whole, blanched, natural, ground, or flaked—which are mainly sourced in the valleys at the heart of California.
Hazelnuts—hulled or ground—which are mainly sourced in Turkey or Italy.
Arlequin walnut kernels sourced exclusively from the Dordogne area.
Grated coconut sourced from Indonesia, the Philippines or Sri Lanka.
Pistachios sourced from the best plantations in Iran.

Métiers Sourcing Conditionnement fabrication usine LA PATELIERE

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