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Since 1978, we have been making and selecting baking aids drawing on our vast expertise and know-how to enable professional chefs to create the best bakes possible.

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Through our extensive range of functional and creative premium ingredients,
we guarantee food professionals the technical and taste mastery of their culinary creations while bringing their passion for pastry-making to life.

Made in France

We have been making your ingredients with passion, consistency and high standards since 1978 in our IFS-certified workshops.

100% taste and texture

Our ingredients are selected for their taste, colour and texture, and are only made from high-quality, safe and

picto naturel

100% natural raw materials.

Since 1990, we have been committed to offering the most natural ingredients to help develop healthier, richer-tasting recipes.


A wide range of flavourings, extracts, sweeteners (sugars, syrups) for all culinary uses to reveal the intensity of flavour in your creations. Our flavourings and extracts are always developed with naturalness and taste in mind. We select the best fruit, beans and plants to offer premium flavourings and extracts all year round.

We have mastered the extraction and flavouring processes that we combine, for the production of some of our sugars, with the expertise we have acquired in selecting and working with vanilla. To do this, we select the beans directly from the source in Madagascar, in close partnership with passionate local producers. We offer a wide range of flavourings, including citrus, vanilla, and bitter almond.


We have developed our own raising and texturising agents (phosphate-free baking powder, baking powder, gelling agents) to guarantee the best texture while preserving flavour. In 2021, we integrated the Briançon brand of gelatin with its century-old expertise.

Recognised by chefs for the technical consistency of its products, we support the development of this range such as using pork, Halal-certified beef, fish and vegetable (agar-agar) in powder or sheet form depending on the gelling requirement (Bloom ratio: 200 to 120).

Decorate and embellish

40 years of mastering the production of candied fruit through our primary profession of chocolate confectioner, has given us know-how that sets us apart.
We are also developing a range of gourmet decorations and inclusions.

To help chefs express their creativity and reveal the authentic character of their creations, we have created meringue chips, chocolate chips, natural colourings, toppings, etc.

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