100% natural

100% Natural

This range shows LA PATELIERE’s innovative side as we choose to stand out from the crowd and position ourselves as creators of the culinary ingredients of tomorrow. We care about providing foodies with healthier, less processed and additive-free products
– without preservatives, colourings and artificial flavourings –

100% Naturel Logo LA PATELIERE

*What is 100% Natural?

According to the French DGCCRF (Directorate-General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Prevention of Fraud) in its notice of information no. 2009-136, a 100% natural ingredient is a naturally produced foodstuff sold as is, or after mechanical processing that does not alter it fundamentally. It is a product whose original qualities have be preserved. If several products are mixed together, the product is considered 100% natural if each ingredient individually corresponds to the characteristics of a natural ingredient. Consequently, with its 100% natural range, LA PATELIERE offers you ingredients of natural origin, without artificial additives (preservatives, colourings, etc.), and processed in a way that does not alter them completely.

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