LA PATELIERE’s Simply Organic range is a state of mind whereby man and nature is respected, which lies at the heart of sustainable development. We are committed to the well-being of future generations! We offer all bakery and patisserie lovers an exceptional range in terms of quality and number of products.

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LA PATELIERE, a pioneer in the organic sector!

Our Simply Organic range dates back to 1995. The impetus for this range came from the awareness that production-driven and polluting farming methods posed a real danger, along with food processing methods that fundamentally altered products.

Today, LA PATELIERE is the French leader in organic baking and patisserie ingredients. With a range of over 40 organic products present in small and medium-sized supermarkets, specialised organic stores or used in the organic restaurant industry, LA PATELIERE enables everyone to make organic desserts in their everyday life, whatever the desire, need, taste or colour!

The fundamental principles
of organic farming

Respecting the earth and animals

Organic farming optimises crop rotation and only uses non-genetically modified seeds. It does not use any synthetic products (insecticides, chemical fertilisers, etc.) and employs farming methods that do not pollute, such as weeding by hand. Crops are protected from insects using natural methods.

Respecting people

Organic farming produces products that are much healthier both for people and the environment in which they live.

How do we guarantee
our Simply Organic range?

Our company is certified by ECOCERT, an independent body accredited by the French Ministry of Agriculture. ECOCERT controls the organic origin of our ingredients and our compliance with organic food specifications. ECOCERT makes sure that our products scrupulously fulfil the demanding requirements to meet organic food product standards. Every year, LA PATELIERE performs several analyses (for traces of pesticides mainly) on top of the controls already conducted by ECOCERT.

Our Simply Organic products are recognised thanks to their labels which feature a green square containing the initials AB. However, in addition to this, we have created a separate “brown paper” graphic charter for our Simply Organic range to help it stand out.

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