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LA PATELIERE gives you sublime almonds in their many forms

Whole, flaked or ground, almonds grace your palate in many ways, proving to be a LA PATELIERE favourite and must-have for sweet creations.

We select them for their unique taste in two exceptional production locations: Spain and California. Our sun-gorged almonds are of a superior quality, like all our products. Flaked and crunchy, whole (blanched or natural in our organic range), ground (natural or blanched), as a paste or as a bitter almond flavouring, LA PATELIERE offers gourmet almonds, whatever your style!

Sweet or savoury?

Almonds open the door to a wide variety of gustatory pleasures. They come in a variety of forms and can be used in all sorts of ways in your cooking, from sweet treats (moist almond cake, almond tuiles, macaroons, creams, and so on) through to summer salads or traditional stewed dishes (tajine or almond chicken).

Gâteau amande LA PATELIERE

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