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100% apricot galore with LA PATELIERE’s flavourings and coulis

Found as a natural flavouring or coulis, the apricot keeps its summery flavours all year round with LA PATELIERE.

Originally from Northeast China, where it has been cultivated for 4000 years, the apricot came to France in the 18th century and is now one of our region’s most emblematic summer fruit. With its silky skin ranging from yellow to red, its soft flesh and its sweet and vibrant flavour, the apricot is treated with utmost care at LA PATELIERE to produce a coulis and natural flavourings that stay true to the fruit.

Full flavours

Using apricot purée as a base, we make a luscious and irresistible, vibrant orange coulis. As a topping for a verrine or a fromage blanc, it brightens up your desserts with its sunny liveliness. You may also enjoy our natural apricot flavouring: prepared using a core flavour and apricot juice, it boasts the very full flavours of a fresh and ripe fruit. Ideal for enhancing the taste of a cream dessert, mousse or ice cream.

Tarte abricot confiture LA PATELIERE

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