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LA PATELIERE’s banana flavouring squeezes the whole fruit into a small bottle!

Ripened under blue tropical skies, the banana is France’s favourite fruit, bursting with taste and energy! The natural banana flavouring from LA PATELIERE stores every little ounce of banana flavour there is, in a small bottle.

People and bananas go way a long way: the estimate is that the first bananas were first cultivated by humans about 7000 years ago! And the banana has marched on to become a worldwide phenomenon as the world’s most popularly eaten fruit, all varieties (almost a 1000) put together. It is indeed hard to resist its soft, sweet and particularly smooth-textured flesh, along with its generous supply of energy and vitamins.

Flavours lingering on the palate

A favourite for baking, patisserie and desserts, all the flavours of the banana are condensed into our LA PATELIERE natural flavouring, crafted using a core flavour and banana juice concentrate. It shares the same sweet, soft and lingering flavours as real bananas and is a perfect match for chocolate, honey, or apple.

Crêpes banane fraise LA PATELIERE

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