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LA PATELIERE’s blackcurrant strikes a perfect balance between sharpness and sweetness

Blackcurrant coulis or natural flavouring? LA PATELIERE offers you several mouth-watering options to include blackcurrant in your recipes.

When the summer season is in full swing, the blackcurrant bush produces lovely berries with a smooth and shiny skin whose deep blue colour could be mistaken for black. Eaten fresh, blackcurrant berries suggest hints of sharpness naturally offset by a full-bodied sweetness. This is why blackcurrant goes so well with both sweet creations and certain cheeses or savoury dishes: it adds tang and provides a subtle harmony.

Just a few drops of flavouring

LA PATELIERE always works to preserve the incredible equilibrium embodied in the flavour of blackcurrants. Fancy adding a dash of sharpness to a Bavarois, verrine or fromage blanc? Our blackcurrant coulis, prepared using subtly sweetened fruit purée, is the ideal foodie solution! Lastly, our natural blackcurrant flavouring condenses the fruit’s quintessential properties and fragrances into a small bottle: a few drops is enough to give your desserts that wow factor!

Tarte spirale cassis LA PATELIERE

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