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LA PATELIERE caramel: mouth-watering in all its forms!

Produced entirely in our workshops, LA PATELIERE caramel adapts to all tastes and desires: flavourings, toppings, or sprinkles with a soupçon of salt.

The magic of chemistry in the kitchen—our caramel is made in the same way as at home! The process is closely controlled from start to finish and uses a traditional caramelising method: sugar and water are heated to obtain the famously golden and runny nectar. In addition to our plain caramel topping, we add further ingredients to this base to develop mouth-watering variations, such as the Bourbon vanilla caramel or the salted butter caramel toppings.

Voluptuous desserts

LA PATELIERE caramel toppings provide each dessert with voluptuousness, whether it is poured warm over a scoop of ice cream, spread on a pancake or drizzled on the melted heart of a molten chocolate cake. Our natural caramel flavouring and our caramel sprinkles with a soupçon of salt enhances our range, offering extra culinary possibilities to make every recipe prepared a memorable one.

Gâteau dessert nappage caramel LA PATELIERE

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