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LA PATELIERE put the cherry on the cake with its coulis, flavouring and glacé cherries!

The cherry is the sweetest red fruit of all, but also one of the fullest and most flavoursome! Much loved for desserts, the cherry can be found as a flavouring, coulis and candied fruit.

Its perfect round shape and its vibrant and shiny redness is enough to make you eat it then and there, and that’s without mentioning its distinctive taste! LA PATELIERE has many recipes that give that impression of biting into the fruit itself, such as our traditional coulis and natural cherry flavourings—both lovingly made by us. Our textures, flavourings, taste and colours give the cherry its due!

Bigarreau cherries or organic Morello cherries?

Our authentic experience as master confectioners also enables us to offer superior quality candied fruit: French-sourced Bigarreau cherries and organic Morello cherries are candied in a traditional way and packaged by hand to preserve their shape and moistness. It is both delicious in a cake or brioche and ideal as a decorative finish!

Gâteau dessert glaçage cerise LA PATELIERE

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