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Chocolat carrés LA PATELIERE

LA PATELIERE’s products capture chocolate in all its intensity

Refined, irresistible, intense and festive, chocolate is eaten the same immense pleasure whatever form it takes. The “pleasure” of chocolate, to be shared, is truly at the heart of LA PATELIERE products.

Before becoming LA PATELIERE, our company was first created in 1978 as Maîtres chocolatiers occitans (MCO), a select chocolate-making workshop. Today, our authentic experience as chocolatiers serves us in working with this product as a favourite for baking and patisserie. All our products in this range are made without palm oil and soya lecithin, and contain at least 50% of cocoa, giving them that intense chocolaty flavour.

Crunchy, molten or smooth?

With our chocolate chips (black or milk), chocolate flakes or chunks of black and white chocolate for cookies, you can fulfil your heart’s desire and enhance your chocolate-flavoured desserts, be they crunchy or meltingly soft. Our chocolate topping, which is also available in our organic range (and made with fairtrade cacao), brings a luscious texture and an intense cocoa flavour to your ice creams, pancakes or profiteroles.

Brownie chocolat framboise LA PATELIERE

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