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Noix de coco LA PATELIERE

As a flavouring or grated, rediscover coconut à LA PATELIERE.

The taste and fragrance is enough to whisk you off to warmer climes with palm trees and breath-taking beaches: LA PATELIERE coconut takes your taste buds on a journey and adds some sunshine to your recipes!

Sourced from the best producers in Vietnam and Sri Lanka, our grated coconut is packaged in our workshops and meets LA PATELIERE’s strict requirements: an optimal level of humidity (not too dry or too moist), a lovely colour and an intense fragrance that bursts out of the packet when you open it. It is ideal on either a molten chocolate cake or a cookie, or in a flan or a cake.

The purity of coconut in a small bottle

We also offer a natural coconut flavouring, with a fragrant core with unique aromas and flavours, harmoniously enriched by our expertise in the matter. The whole essence of coconut is there, in a small bottle! Lastly, our caramelised coconut will bring a crispy touch and some pep to a chocolate mousse or a fruit verrine.

Gâteau noix de coco LA PATELIERE

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