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Grains de café LA PATELIERE

LA PATELIERE brings the very essence of coffee to your desserts

Consumed as beverage around the world, coffee also expresses its full aromatic richness in the world of baking and patisserie, and in LA PATELIERE products, by lending a mild to intense flavour to many desserts.

By selecting the best Arabica and Robusta coffee grains, LA PATELIERE makes sure that only raw materials of exceptional quality are processed in our workshops. Just like a real home brewed coffee, we lovingly extract coffee, using evaporation and concentration methods. We roast our beans at a temperature which preserves all the quality and flavour of the original coffee bean.

Coffee ice cream or tiramisu?

Thanks to LA PATELIERE’s extraction expertise, coffee is free to express itself as flavourings and extracts with no added colours of preservatives. Our products are especially popular for flavouring desserts such as flans, creams, ice creams or cream desserts, without forgetting the all-time classics such as tiramisu!

Gâteau glaçage café LA PATELIERE

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