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Give some dazzle to your tarts with LA PATELIERE toppings

Fancy adding a final touch to an apple, strawberry or apricot tart? LA PATELIERE can give you the secret for making a simple and perfect baker’s glaze thanks to its tart toppings.

Even if flavour is essential in cooking, your eyes must also be able to feast to open your appetite before you take the first bite! Thanks to LA PATELIERE’s tart toppings, you can easily create tarts that look as good as professional in just a few brush strokes—let the fruit show off their vibrant colours and shine!

A brilliant glaze

Made with a natural lemon flavouring and a thickener, these powders are ready-to-use—just mix in few drops of water. Brushed over your tarts, the glaze enhances your creations, giving a beautifully brilliant shine to make them even more appetising.

Nappage brillant rouge framboise LA PATELIERE

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