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Go nuts for hazelnuts with LA PATELIERE

A crunchy bite with a fragrant taste—hazelnuts provide flavour and texture to all kinds of mouth-watering recipes!

Like most other nuts (walnuts, almonds, pistachios, etc.), hazelnuts come in different forms to vary your culinary delights and creatively embellish all types of creation. LA PATELIERE uses the hazelnut to its full gustatory potential to offer hazelnuts in different forms: whole and natural, ground, or mixed with sugar to obtain delicious praline (crushed or ground).

Crispy softness

Fancy varying the textures by adding some crunchy touches to your sponge cake, verrine or panna cotta? You can’t beat LA PATELIERE’s praline sprinkled on a voluptuous ganache or melting frozen dessert. A real nutritional treasure trove (antioxidant and anti-cholesterol), hazelnuts can also be enjoyed whole as a healthy snack at any time of day.

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