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Lemon & Lime

Citron coupé LA PATELIERE

Rediscover the richness of lemon and lime flavours with LA PATELIERE

Lemonade, tarts, salad dressing, marmalade, cocktails, tajines—the list is endless! Lemons and limes are essential in the kitchen for their juices, peel and zest.

Thanks to LA PATELIERE natural lemon and lime flavourings, you can diversify your culinary pleasures and add some zesty citrus bite to your recipes. Prepared using a unique aromatic base and pure lemon or lime juice, our flavourings flawlessly reproduce the tartness of lemons and the subtle sweetness of lime.

Our LA PATELIERE candied lemon and lime

What’s great about lemon and lime? They are just as tasty in desserts as in savoury dishes! Our candied lemon peel cubes are a fine example. They naturally go well with oriental or Moroccan specialities (chicken, veal or lamb tajiine), but they can also be used in tarts or teat-time fruit cakes.

Tarte au citron meringuée LA PATELIERE

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