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Liquid food colouring

Colorants liquides vert jaune rouge LA PATELIERE

LA PATELIERE liquid food colouring adds vibrancy to your recipes

Thanks to our liquid food colours, you can give your cakes and French pastries a sophisticated look with a touch of inviting colour. LA PATELIERE makes cake design easy and fun!

Let your culinary desires and imagination run free with our range of LA PATELIERE yellow, red and green liquid food colours: just a few drops of concentrated liquid is enough to colour your creation. How can we offer such a pure concentration of colour? By taking a leaf out of nature’s book!

100% natural food colours

Our liquid food colours are actually entirely natural and their colour comes from plant- or mineral based pigments (carmine for the red, curcumin for the yellow and chlorophyll for the green). They are neutral in taste to preserve the flavours in your recipes. Ideal for making confectionery, doughnuts, rainbow cakes or macaroons look amazing!

Macarons colorants liquides LA PATELIERE

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