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LA PATELIERE’s mango coulis: a fruity burst of taste

Sweet, fleshy and sun-gorged, mangos are fruit that get your taste buds going just at the thought! LA PATELIERE has reinvented the mango for you in a very voluptuous coulis.

This is a fruit that has prospered naturally: several hundreds of mango varieties have actually been identified worldwide! At LA PATELIERE, we have chosen the select the origin of the mango fruit and work with one variety only that comes from India, the organic Alphonso mango. Renowned for its sweetness and richness, with a bright yellow flesh, the Alphonso mango is one of the varieties most sought after by the top chefs.

Mango coulis as a topping

Our voluptuous and delicious mango coulis is made by transforming the fruit into a purée and combining it with cane sugar, summons up the true essence of the fruit. The coulis is perfect for experimenting with the art of topping and giving your desserts a final colourful, zingy and textured finish. Ideal on an ice cream, panna cotta or fromage blanc!

Mangue sorbet LA PATELIERE

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