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Orange fruit LA PATELIERE

Candied or as a flavouring, LA PATELIERE makes oranges divine

Currently ranked number two as France’s most popular fruit, the orange has always won even the most demanding taste buds over thanks to its succulent juice, a nectar of the gods, and its sun-drenched pulp.

LA PATELIERE’s natural orange flavouring, with its juice and core flavour, summons up the fruit’s sweet and tangy taste. We also offer an organic orange blossom flavouring that goes well with a brioche, a yoghurt cake, or a molten chocolate cake.

Delicious candied orange

Thanks to our authentic confectionery skills, LA PATELIERE also offers oranges as candied orange peel cubes or strips. The perfect marriage of candied orange and chocolate flavours opens up several possibilities, such as making delicious orangettes (chocolate dipped candied orange peel) that are both crunchy and soft, with a delicate fragrant. Candied orange peel is also a favourite in a brioche, fruit cake or traditional French Galettes des Rois epiphany pie.

Tarte à l'orange LA PATELIERE

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