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Passion fruit

Fruit de la passion LA PATELIERE

Open your cooking to exotic passion fruit with LA PATELIERE

Native to Brazil, the passion fruit offers sun-filled flavours and unrivalled natural goodness. LA PATELIERE offers you a natural flavouring that stays true to the fruit.

Picked off a tropical climbing vine called passiflora, the passion fruit, with its exotic sounding name, can but make your mouth water. Its coarse flesh, sumptuous pulp, sweet tangy taste and harmonious purple, black and yellow colouring make it a fruit as beautiful as it is tasty, brimming with textures and flavours. It is also rich in minerals and vitamin C.

Quintessentially fruity

In developing its natural passion fruit flavouring based on juice concentrate and a core flavour, LA PATELIERE is as true to the original fruit as possible, with a perfect balance between full-bodied sweetness and tangy twist. Better than a substitute, our flavouring captures the very essence of the fruit in a small bottle. Our passion fruit flavouring can be used all year round to make your foodie ideas a reality, from fruit salads, sorbets, mousses and granitas to salad dressings!

Gâteau dessert fruit de la passion LA PATELIERE

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