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A summer fruit forinspiring numerous creative recipes

Savoured fresh, cooked, sweet, savoury, flambéed or frozen, the peach has pride of place in wide variety of culinary creations. LA PATELIERE’s natural peach flavouring offers any number of mouth-watering solutions!

Flat peaches, vine peaches, freestone and clingstone nectarines, peaches with yellow or white flesh, smooth- or fuzzy-skinned—there are more than 300 varieties of peach in France alone, and they all descend from the Prunus persica. What do they have in common? A fruit that is always fleshy, juicy and sweet, evoking summertime in our regions. This fresh and sun-blushed flavour, a combination of more than 80 substances, can be found in full in the natural peach flavouring developed by LA PATELIERE.

A full-bodied and sweet flavouring

Prepared in close consultation with our flavourists, the core peach flavour is mixed with peach juice concentrate to obtain a full-bodied, fleshy and sweet taste on the palate. Used in a fruit salad, a Chantilly cream, or even a salad dressing to give a sweet and savoury edge, LA PATELIERE’s peach flavouring adds a dash of sunshine to your recipes.

Gâteau pêche fruit LA PATELIERE

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