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The pistachio nut unleashes all its flavours with LA PATELIERE

Often eaten roasted as a pre-dinner nibble, pistachios are above all a refined and aromatic nut. As sprinkles or as flavouring, LA PATELIERE’s pistachios release all their delicate flavours.

Introduced in France in the 17th century—they were called almonds of Persia at the time—our taste buds were quickly enamoured with the pistachio nut. Its Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean roots give it a lingering, subtly sweet taste that we have preserved in our LA PATELIERE pistachio sprinkle. Roasted and grilled to bring out the flavours, these sprinkles combine crunchiness, vibrant green and pure taste.

A flavour that stays true to its nut

Our pistachio sprinkles add a much-loved crunchy note to brownies, truffles or frozen desserts. They blend perfectly with chocolate or red fruit flavours. Lastly, our natural pistachio flavouring benefits from our traditional flavouring expertise and stays as true as possible to the intensity of the nut’s flavour.

Brownie chocolat pistache glace LA PATELIERE

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