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Powder food colouring

Colorants poudre vert jaune rouge LA PATELIERE

Add some colour to your recipes or foodie creations with LA PATELIERE

LA PATELIERE offers you a comprehensive range of natural powder food colours to give your recipes a vibrant touch.

On top of flavours, aromas and textures, the visual impact of your desserts and bakes is just as important to open up your appetite and enjoy savouring what you eat. Our natural powder food colours offer you the right culinary answer, with a wide range of colours with breath-taking results. Just a few pinches of yellow, red, green, black, white, or blue powder are enough to give your creations the colour you desire!

Organic food colouring

Entirely natural and free of additives, our powder food colours also come in an organic yellow, red and green range. Created using plant-based organic raw materials (beetroot for the red, spinach for the green and curcumin for the yellow), these lovely deep colours will add a perfect decorative touch to your cupcakes, meringues, icings, creams or macaroons!

Macarons colorants poudre alimentaires poudre LA PATELIERE

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