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A sweet energy-filled delight—choose LA PATELIERE’s raisins!

Eaten fresh or cooked, in savoury or sweet creations, raisins are a LA PATELIERE favourite and a must-have in the kitchen.

Raisins have countless gustatory and nutritional properties! Gourmets have a soft spot for raisins used to add a touch of sweetness to a stewed dish (couscous, tajine, etc.), but raisins are also lovely in cakes, breads and brioche, or eaten as a nibble with your aperitif. Raisins are also eaten for the energy they provide and the minerals and trace elements they contain (they have antioxidant properties).

Golden raisins or sultanas

At LA PATELIERE, we offer two varieties of raisin: golden raisins, with coppery tones, are soft and sweet tasting; and sultanas, with darker tones, are also available in our Simply Organic range. The concentration of sugar in all our raisins is perfectly adjusted to combine the sweetness of the fruit with its nutritional energy.

Brioche raisin LA PATELIERE

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