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Make raspberry the star of your dessert with LA PATELIERE!

The flavour and aromas of the raspberry go perfectly with many desserts and French pastries: this is the opportunity to try out LA PATELIERE’s natural raspberry flavouring and coulis in your cooking!

Full of flavour despite being small, the raspberry has an unrivalled sweet and fragrant taste! You can either eat it straight of the raspberry bush, or use it in a thousand different ways in the kitchen thanks to LA PATELIERE’s flavouring and coulis. With more than 70 % pure fruit content, our raspberry coulis is simply delicious with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a mascarpone verrine, or a molten chocolate cake.

Organic natural flavouring

Thanks to our skilled expertise when working with flavourings, we have the widest range of natural flavourings on the market: more than thirty products promising you countless epicurean delights! Our natural raspberry flavouring, which is also available in our organic range, preserves the essence of the fruit as well as its beautiful, alluring and deep colour—pink, red and violet all at once.

Tarte aux framboises LA PATELIERE

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