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LA PATELIERE’s sesame seeds add a final touch to your dishes and desserts

Brown and organic, hulled, or caramelised, LA PATELIERE’s sesame seeds can be used for all culinary creations.

As a member of the pedalium family, the sesame plant is most commonly known for its small seeds that not only give added flavour to dishes and desserts, but are also rich in fibre, minerals and proteins. In India, sesame seeds are even considered a symbol of immortality! Its abundant nutritional properties, its lovely amber colour and its delicious nutty taste have made it a must in the kitchen.

A fusion of sweet and savoury

Three types of sesame seed are packaged and sold by LA PATELIERE. Other than hulled sesame seeds, we also offer unhulled organic sesame seeds that preserve all their nutritional properties and benefits. They are an ideal supplement adding a dash of taste and crunchiness to your salads, breads, soups or patisseries! Lastly, our Creative Spark range has invented new flavours with its caramelised sesame seeds that are perfect for any vegetable stir fry or East Asian dish.

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