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Setting agents


LA PATELIERE setting agents provide your recipes with an unrivalled consistency

Essential in providing consistency and texture in many sweet or savoury recipes, LA PATELIERE setting agents come as gelatines or agar-agar powders.

Traditional LA PATELIERE gelatine comes in leaf and powdered form and are also available in our Simply Organic range. They may be prepared and dosed in different ways, but their properties remain similar and will give your desserts, terrines or jellies a perfect hold, with that distinctive creamy consistency on the palate.

The 100% natural plant-based setting agent

Agar-agar may well be a newcomer to our kitchens, but it has been used by the Japanese since the 17th century for its setting properties and nutritional value—zero calories and very rich in minerals. This plant-based and vegetarian alternative to traditional gelatine comes from red seaweed. It offers the same setting quality, but has a slightly different texture. It is firmer and crispier, making it an interesting option for mousses, Bavarois or cream desserts.

Gélifiants gélatine gelée de fraise LA PATELIERE

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