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Fixateur chantilly LA PATELIERE

Whip up a perfect Chantilly cream with LA PATELIERE stabilisers

Thanks to its Perfect Chantilly range, LA PATELIERE offers you simple and gourmet solutions to give your creams sublime textures and a perfect look.

How can you ensure the success of your home-made Chantilly or whipped cream? LA PATELIERE’s Perfect Chantilly range makes it a breeze. They come as a powder in a packet lovingly prepared in our workshops.

A firm and voluptuous Chantilly

Added progressively as you whip your cream into a Chantilly, the powder stabilises your cream and keeps its shape while also giving it a sumptuous texture. Your Chantilly will have a prefect consistency and texture whether you use it in a fruit verrine, on a scoop of ice cream or a molten chocolate cake—your desserts will never have been so easy to decorate, nor looked so good!

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