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Strawberry glory with LA PATELIERE’s flavourings and coulis

Delicate, refreshing and sweet, the strawberry is synonymous with sunny days and moments of pure delight. Used in LA PATELIERE flavouring or a coulis, the strawberry is also an ideal ingredient for adding a ray of sunshine to your desserts all year round.

Its scarlet red ripeness dotted with small seeds—called achenes—is enough to make your mouth water, without mentioning its tender sweet or sharp flesh! Indeed, the strawberry is a true epicurean treat, which happens to be rich in vitamins and antioxidants too! This is why LA PATELIERE selects whole organic strawberries, bursting with flavour, to make its coulis in a traditional way.

The true taste of strawberry

Made into a purée, the strawberries are placed in a slow fruit cooker and mixed with cane sugar. The result is a luscious coulis preserving the taste and properties of the fruit. Our natural strawberry flavouring, prepared using a core flavour and strawberry juice concentrate, offers the same sensation of fresh strawberries. Our perfected flavouring and coulis recipes polish off your verrines, jellies, pancakes, mousses or panna cotta!

Charlotte fraise LA PATELIERE

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