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LA PATELIERE glucose-fructose syrup for ever more sumptuous desserts

Glucose-fructose syrup is a baking and patisserie ingredient much used by professionals for its very interesting effect on textures.

The glucose-fructose syrup developed by LA PATELIERE is 100% natural and plant-based and enables you to make your bakes and French pastries more moist and sumptuous. It also offers the advantage of being a stronger sweetener than caster sugar.

For a sumptuous caramel

Essentially used by bakery, patisserie and confectionery professionals, glucose-fructose syrup also offers foodie solutions for everyone’s kitchen. It is especially good for making ice creams, nougatine or caramel—it prevents crystallisation in caramel giving it a coating effect and a slightly thicker texture.

Moelleux brioche tressée LA PATELIERE

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