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LA PATELIERE vanilla—an amazingly complex and intense flavour

As a fruit harvested from a tropical orchid, Madagascar’s vanilla planifolia is a much sought-after spice, loved for its unrivalled fragrant scent. It has pride of place in our range and benefits from LA PATELIERE’s decades of experience.

For more than 30 years now, LA PATELIERE men and women have developed a vanilla expertise recognised by all. During this time, we have always selected a product directly sourced in Madagascar, in a close partnership with producers that have a passion for what they do. Whether directly transformed or simply sold as pods, our vanilla proudly bears the “Bourbon-Madagascar Vanilla” label. Our natural vanilla flavouring is strictly analysed and controlled by our quality control unit to ensure that all its properties are preserved consistently over time.

A perfectly controlled process for a subtly fragrant vanilla

The intensity of our vanilla flavourings, extracts and sugar are obtained by extracting the vanilla entirely in our workshops thanks to two important processes: maceration and concentration. All through the processes, we control the temperature to preserve all the impact of the vanilla pods have on the senses—the subtle fragrance of its 300 compounds. Close attention is required at all times and rewarded by you at home, when you use this uniquely subtle and intense flavouring in your desserts for its delicately floral character.

Vanille crème brulée LA PATELIERE

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