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LA PATELIERE walnuts: 100% French quality!

This nut and oilseed with distinctive flavours is presented in its simplest form at LA PATELIERE: whole kernels that are crunchy and very fragrant on the palate.

All our walnuts come from the abundant Dordogne region following years of work with local producers from Southwest France. The privileged partnership we have with this region, along with detailed specifications provide a superior quality guarantee: balanced and well-formed walnut kernels called arlequin (harlequins), with a beautiful amber colour and delicate aromas maturing on the palate.

Flavoursome and eye-catching

Packaged in packets in our facilities, our walnuts can be eaten either as they are or in a salad, or why not roughly chopped in a cookie or a tart. Used as whole kernels, their perfect shape makes for a beautiful finish placed on a cake: walnut actually goes astoundingly well with chocolate creations!

Cake aux noix LA PATELIERE

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