Mission, values, vision, fortes


We aim to promote creativity and create emotions with baking and patisserie ingredients that respect the environment and the well-being of all.

Our vision

From the outset, LA PATELIERE has been designing healthy products that respect both the palate and natural equilibriums.

“Today, and even more so tomorrow, our foodie creations must and will have to meet two essential demands: deliciousness and the knowledge that what we are savouring is good for our health.”

At LA PATELIERE, we are convinced that nature can amply fulfil these demands. This is why our staff are constantly innovating and applying all their expertise to offer a healthy and gourmet alternative to standard baking and patisserie ingredients: they work with the knowledge that they are supporting a company with sustainability at its heart.

Our values

Our values and philosophy reflect the socially and environmentally responsible company we are. These two principles are at the heart of every decision we make. That is why at LA PATELIERE, we hold ourselves responsible, as individuals and as a company, for everything we do. We need to continue to deserve the trust placed in us.

Everything we do adheres to five essential principles:

  • Searching for the best innovative solutions for our company, clients, consumers and the world in which we live and grow.
  • Selling the healthiest and most genuine products that make us proud.
  • Looking at the medium and long term.
  • Promoting diversity.
  • Counting on teamwork.
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Our fortes

Based on specific formulas influenced by our choice of natural ingredients, all our foodie products tend towards quality and authenticity: we are 100% natural and organic, but also…


flavour and texture

Products are selected from the best sources for their taste, colour and texture, and harvested when fully ripened. We offer a whole palate of flavours and wide variety of aromas.



The gustatory quality of our all-year-round bakery and patisserie ingredients is consistent.



No washing, peeling, pitting, seeding, mixing and no waste: ready-made and easy-to-use.


dedicated to helping baking
and patisserie lovers

We listen to you for developing new products, and you can count on our passion for flavours and our commitment in bringing you total satisfaction.

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