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Baking powder

Poudres à lever LA PATELIERE

LA PATELIERE baking powders are a natural choice for your cakes

Perfect for making all kinds of bakes light and fluffy in a natural way, LA PATELIERE's baking powder range soon becomes a must-have in your kitchen!

Our baking powders offer an effective and natural alternative to traditional baking powders for all your cakes and bakes. They are entirely prepared in our workshops thanks to the synergy of three ingredients: two raising agents and one natural anti-caking agent (wheat starch).

Organic and gluten-free baking powders

Phosphate-free, LA PATELIERE baking powders enable mixtures to rise beautifully during baking, giving cakes with a moist texture. We also offer organic and organic gluten-free versions to meet culinary desires or dietary requirements. Lastly, compared to others, our baking powders offer the advantage of being totally neutral in taste to preserve the flavours in your creations.

Poudre à lever levure chimique brioche gâteau LA PATELIERE

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