For the love of baking

Behind each of our ingredients are 72 passionate enthusiasts who work tirelessly every day. There are those who bring in cakes on Monday mornings, those who are inspired to develop new ingredients, those who make them, those who deliver them to you all over France (and even overseas), and those who enjoy them.

As serious foodies, when we bake it is for the pleasure of baking itself, and enjoying shared moments over delicious food.

With high standards and a humble approach, we concoct the healthiest, most natural ingredients to help you with all your home baking needs from our base in the Gers region of France.

We also offer highly specialised ingredients for anyone wanting to try their hand at making a classic Paris Brest, for example.

Plus store cupboard staples for those who enjoy rustling up a few pancakes on Sunday morning (or Wednesday!) for friends and family.

As well as plenty of creative ingredients to make every bake a festive one.

And above all, ingredients for all bakers...

Whether you are a budding chef or an experienced pro, we are delighted to share our top tips and recipes to help you develop your love of baking. Because true pleasure is the pleasure that comes from making your own recipes, our aim is to offer you natural, inspiring ingredients to transform your cakes and desserts into gourmet delights!

Patissiers la patelière

Driven by a shared quest for creating delicious ingredients, our Gers workshops are veritable laboratories where we test (and re-test) our ingredients to concoct the most reliable and tasty recipes for you.
Once this stage of our work is complete, we take it in turns to don our chef’s apron — this time at home — where each of our new ingredients undergoes a trial by fire! If we manage to exploit all the ingredient’s technical and creative capacities in our own kitchens then we know that it will help you in your baking too. We make great cakes with the utmost care and passion, so that you can too. From our kitchen to yours!
But that’s enough about us, our story is all about our ingredients!