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Since 1978, we have taken great pleasure in creating delicious, gourmet ingredients. Our natural, high-quality products

Made in the Gers region of France to exacting standards, and with a generous dose of creativity to help all passionate cooks enjoy baking and the fruits (or cakes!) of their labour!

baking ingredients

Vanilla, chocolate chips, almond flour, candied fruit, baking powder, etc. The best ingredients to inspire, help and assist all bakers whether budding chefs or confirmed pros with their recipes. And always with a focus on great taste!
100% natural and organic ingredients ranging from the most classic to the most cutting-edge, but always delicious and inspiring.

Dried Fruit & Nuts
Vanilla & Flavoured Sugar
Sugar & Raising Agents
Coulis & Toppings
Baking Secrets
Candied Fruit
Decorations & Candles
Flavourings & Extracts
Dessert & Cake Mixes

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A natural, intensely flavoured, ready-to-use hazelnut praline. Our recipe is natural and simple 50% hazelnuts and 50% sugar resulting in a rich, perfectly balanced and aromatic paste. This versatile ingredient can be added to creams, mousses, ice creams and ganaches for fillings, or used as a base for homemade spreads.

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Red fruit ice cream

Red fruit ice cream

Coconut and chocolate yoghurt ice cream

Pistachio Raspberry Tiramisu

Caramel and salted butter drip cake

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la chaumière
la chaumière
@la chaumière
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I've been buying their ORGANIC vanilla sugar and yeast for a long time and my cakes have always turned out well. I find that you can really taste the vanilla in the sugar and that their yeast doesn't leave a chemical taste. What's more, it's local, so I stick with it.
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Buy this strawberry flavouring to make my strawberries 🎂 I have absolutely no regrets about my purchase, the taste is spot on and the most natural flavour. I would recommend