Our range of delicious ingredients for successful bakes every time

Whether it’s almond flour, vanilla extract, fruit coulis, baking powder or chocolate chips, our ten families of ingredients have been designed to help budding pastry chefs and seasoned amateurs alike create delicious homemade cakes and desserts.

Fruits secs La Patelière

Dried fruit & nuts

Sometimes crunchy, sometimes soft, dried fruit and nuts are full of taste surprises!

Almonds, hazelnuts, raisins, coconut, macadamia nuts, pecans, Agen prunes, etc., choose from powdered, flaked or slivered depending on your taste and the recipe, from the simplest to the most sophisticated — but always delicious.


Vanilla & sweet spices

Add a touch of exoticism and indulgence to your culinary creations with our vanilla beans (Madagascar Bourbon or Papua New Guinea vanilla), available in extracts, flavourings and pastes.

Mellow yet intensely flavourful, France’s favourite spice, like our other sweet spices (e.g. Tonka bean), will take your recipes to the next level.

Vanilles La Patelière
fruits confis la pateliere

Candied fruit

To add a sweet touch to your cakes, biscuits and ice creams, you can’t beat candied fruit.

Discover our “star candydates” (pun intended!), such as candied orange peel cubes, glacé cherries, mixed candied fruit, whole and bigarreau cherries and strips, all candied using our traditional know-how.

Coulis and toppings

Turn an everyday dessert into a deliciously fruity treat with our coulis. Your cakes, pancakes and ice creams will be even more delicious thanks to this little tangy touch that makes all the difference.

And if you are looking for a velvety, creamy texture, try our caramel, salted butter caramel, vanilla and chocolate toppings!

Coulis mangue
coulis et nappages la pateliere

Flavourings & extracts

Our flavourings and extracts add extra savour to all your recipes, whether you opt for bitter orange, orange blossom, coconut flavouring or coffee extract, there’s something for everyone.

Discover our range of special flavourings that resemble the natural flavour as closely as possible. 

Gourmet chocolate

Chocolate lovers will adore sampling the 26 different types of chocolate in our range. Try our organic, classic, white, dark, milk, ruby, and flavoured chocolate.

Designed for the pleasure of baking, our chips, jumbo chips, chunks, shavings and buttons are sure to delight young and old chocolate lovers alike.

Pépites de chocolat
Levures et poudres à lever La Patelière

Sugar & raising agents

Enhance your culinary creations with our vanilla sugar, and make cakes that are as moist as they are delicious thanks to our range of raising agents and phosphate-free baking powders.

And for your breads, brioches and Danish pastries, our super-active baker’s yeast is just the ticket!

Baking secrets

To bake like a real Pro, it is essential to use the right products for the recipe, such as plant-based gelling agents (agar-agar and pectin), leaf or powdered gelatin, or praline nut pastes.

Try the Fixantilly stabiliser, or the Cuitout spray to make it easier to turn out your cakes.

Secret de Pâtissier

Decorations & candles

Are you planning to celebrate a special occasion? Do you want to let your creativity run wild? Browse our range of decorations and candles to personalise your cakes and create unforgettable moments.

Make a themed cake (unicorn, animal, heart, etc.), add birthday candles and balloons to create a festive atmosphere, and forge indelible memories of these shared culinary moments.

Dessert & cake mixes

For budding bakers or those in a hurry, we offer a wide range of handy dessert and cake mixes.

Make individual desserts like a crème brûlée, brownies for the family, or pancakes or waffles. For a special occasion, try our sponge cake mix.

kit pancake la Patelière