Chia seeds

These chia seeds, from South America, are superfoods known as seeds of the Gods for their incredible nutritional benefits. They have a neutral taste and a high swelling power.
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Chia seeds
Energy : 1825 kJ / 436 kcal Fat : 31g of which saturates : 3g Carbohydrate : 2g of which sugars : 1g Protein : 20g Salt : 0,05g

How do I use it?

To make a porridge or pudding of Chia: mix 100g of chia seeds for 250ml vegetable or animal milk. Place in a cool place between 2h and 12h.

Our advice

Add chia seeds to granola, porridge, pudding, cake or pancake batter. They can also be used, without being soaked, as a seed in a cookie or seed mix. Good for your health and your taste buds!

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