Salted butter caramel topping

C’est une recette proche du fait-maison que nous concoctons dans nos ateliers gersois. Nous réalisons notre propre caramel que nous aromatisant de sel de Guérande. Un nappage à la saveur authentique, gourmande et intense !
Add an irresistible gourmet touch to your desserts by topping them with a salted butter caramel topping.
Sugar, glucose- fructose syrup, water, sweetened condensed milk, UHT liquid cream (cream (milk), stabiliser : carrageenan), natural aromas, Guérande salt (1,2%).
Energy : 1505 kJ / 355 kcal Fat : 1,4g of which saturates : 0,9g Carbohydrate : 84g of which sugars : 49g Protein : 1,5g Salt : 1g

How do I use it?

Perfect for decorating ice creams, crêpes or tarts, as a topping or even as a pouring heart.

Our advice

After opening, to be kept 15 days in the refrigerator.

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