Jungle animal-themed chocolate-hazelnut letter cake

A jungle animal-themed birthday party? Our recipe will delight your taste buds and your eyes! A moist chocolate cake for indulgence, fresh raspberries for a tangy note, and decorations and candles for color. The letter cake format means you’ll be in step with the age you’re celebrating.



Pastry bag

14″ fluted tip

Jungle-themed cookie cutters

jungle theme (sheets)

Rectangular dishes

or pastry frame

Rolling pin


Chocolate Moelleux :

2 La Patelière chocolate moelleux mixes

1 packet La Patelière maxi dark chocolate chips
Topping :

1 punnet of fresh raspberries

100g La Patelière dark chocolate couverture palets

50g La Patelière hazelnut paste

Decoration :

Sugar paste decorations

    • La Patelière green and white sugar paste
    • 40g La Patelière powdered sugar

Animal sugar decorations La Patelière

Animal candles La Patelière

Mascarpone Chantilly :

    • 100g single cream 30% MG
    • 100g mascarpone
    • 10g powdered sugar
    • A pinch of powdered green colorant or half a teaspoon of La Patelière liquid green colorant

Top tip

To give the leaves some movement, use your rolling pin and place the leaves on top. Leave to set for a few hours before decorating your dessert.Animal sugar decorations La Patelière


Let's get baking!

1. Preparing the chocolate moelleux :

To make the dessert base, use 2 of our chocolate moelleux mixes, following the recipe instructions on the back of the box. For even more deliciousness, you can add 1 packet of dark chocolate chips to the powder mixture.

Divide the mixture and pour into a large buttered pastry frame. If you don’t have a pastry frame, use a large rectangular baking dish, place a sheet of baking paper on the bottom and butter the sides to make it easier to unmould the cake once it’s baked. Depending on the desired size, you can use one or two frames or dishes. Bake according to the instructions on the back of the tin. To check doneness, stick a knife into the cake. If the blade comes out clean, with no trace of cake batter, the cake is done.

Leave to cool before unmolding the cakes and cutting them in half lengthways and then according to the number of your choice. Shape your number.

letter cake 2-14
2. Preparing the filling:
We’re going to make a homemade chocolate spread! Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie or in the microwave in 1-minute increments. Add the hazelnut paste and mix. Cover the first moist cake with a layer of chocolate spread, then add chopped raspberries and cover with a thin layer of homemade chocolate spread. letter cake 2-15
letter cake 2-15

Place the second moist cake on top and set aside in the fridge for about 30min to allow the spread to set a little. Meanwhile, prepare the mascarpone Chantilly.

3. Preparing the decoration:
To make the Chantilly cream, place all the recipe ingredients except your coloring agent in your mixer bowl. Whip the whipped cream at a steady speed until it holds together. Divide the Chantilly into 2 bowls, add the coloring agent to one of them, and gently mix everything together with a pastry blender. You now have a white Chantilly and a green Chantilly. Use a separate piping bag for each, fitted with a 14 fluted tip. Form round or serpentine shapes on the top of the cake, alternating the white and green Chantilly bags. Decoration: sugar paste decorations Decorate with sugar paste! To create a marbled effect with sugar paste, form 2 strands with the two colors. Place the two strands side by side and roll them together to form a single strand. Fold the strand in on itself, then roll again to form a new strand, repeating the operation until the marble effect is achieved. Spread a little powdered sugar on a work surface and on a rolling pin, as well as on the cookie cutters. Roll out the dough on your work surface. Make the cut-outs.
letter cake 2-13
To give the leaves some movement, use your rolling pin and place the leaves on top. Leave to set for a few hours before decorating your dessert. To bring your dessert to life, use our La Patelière decorations and animal candles.
letter cake 2-5

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