Doughnuts filled with chocolate-hazelnut spread

Let yourself be seduced by the sweetness of these spread-filled doughnuts. Homemade with our ultra-gourmet ingredients !




Salad bowl

Mixer with dough hook



Rolling pin

Cling film

Tea towel

Silicone mat

7 cm diameter cookie cutter

Greaseproof paper


Shower bag


50g melted butter

110g warm water

1 sachet La Patelière traditional baker’s yeast

290g T55 flour

1 egg at room temperature

1/2 tsp salt

1L neutral oil (peanut or sunflower)

25g caster sugar + 150g caster sugar

Top tip

If your kitchen is cold, preheat the oven to 30°C. Just before preparing the dough, turn off the oven with the door closed. In this way, you can let your dough rise in your switched-off oven.


Let's get baking!

Warm the water in a small bowl (around 37°C), pour in the baker’s yeast and leave for 15 minutes to rehydrate.

Then add the melted butter. Once mixed, the temperature should be around 37.6°C.

Pour this mixture into the mixer bowl, along with the flour, caster sugar (25g), egg and salt.

Using the dough hook, mix and knead the dough for 8 to 10 minutes on medium-high speed, until the dough is smooth and pulls away from the base. It should be elastic.

Put your pastry in a bowl and brush the top with a little neutral oil. Then cover the bowl with cling film and a clean tea towel.

Place the bowl in a warm place at room temperature in the house. Leave to rise for 45 minutes.

After the first rise, place the dough on a silicone mat. Try not to use flour on the counter. If necessary, add a little neutral-tasting oil to the kitchen counter and to your rolling pin to prevent it sticking. Roll out the dough with the rolling pin to a thickness of 1.5 cm and cut out the doughnuts with a 7 cm diameter cookie cutter.

Cut the greaseproof paper into squares measuring approximately 10×10 cm and place each doughnut on a small square.

Cut greaseproof paper into squares measuring approximately 10×10 cm and place each doughnut on a small square.

Cover the doughnuts with a tea towel and leave to rise a second time for 45 minutes. They have risen when you can touch them lightly with your finger and they leave a small print that bounces back.

Once the fritters have risen, slowly heat 1L of neutral-tasting oil in a large heavy-bottomed saucepan to around 180 ºC (+/- 5 ºC).

Slide the doughnuts into the oil with the paper, using tongs to remove the paper. Cook for about 1 minute per side.

Place them on a wire rack with kitchen roll, and when they have cooled, roll them in sugar. Fill them with your homemade spread using a small piping bag.

Enjoy your meal!

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