Pistachio Raspberry Tiramisu

Let yourself be seduced by our delicious Raspberry Pistachio Tiramisu for Father’s Day and other occasions.



Salad bowl


Food processor or electric mixer

Ramekins or verrines


3 egg yolks

400g 35% cream

500g mascarpone

200g La Patelière pistachio paste

1 packet of sponge biscuits

50g La Patelière Roasted Pistachio Chips

50g La Patelière pistachio powder

2 La Patelière raspberry coulis (330g)

30g water

Top tip

For extra flavour, add pieces of raspberry to the pistachio cream. This will add an interesting texture and intensify the raspberry flavour in every bite.


Let's get baking!

In a bowl, mix the egg yolks with the mascarpone, then add the pistachio paste.

Separately, whip the cream until stiff. Once firm, fold it into the mascarpone-egg-pistachio mixture.

Make a syrup by mixing the raspberry coulis with the water. Then dip your sponge biscuits in the syrup for a few seconds.

To assemble the tiramisu, alternate layers of spoon biscuits, pistachio cream and roasted pistachio slivers in your verrines.

Decorate the top of your tiramisus with a drizzle of raspberry coulis, pistachio powder and fresh raspberries.

Enjoy your tiramisus!

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