Ultra moist hazelnut cake

An easy, quick and delicious cake for your children’s afternoon tea!



2 Salad bowls


Rectangular mould


Chocolate Moelleux :

130g brown sugar

150g butter

4 eggs

1 sachet La Patelière baking powder

120g La Patelière hazelnut powder

180g BIO T80 flour La ferme Sain’biose

1 tbsp La Patelière vanilla powder

125ml milk

La Patelière hazelnut burst

Top tip

Our release spray will help you grease your moulds quickly!


Let's get baking!

1. Preparing the cake:
Take the butter out of the fridge 1/2 hour before starting the cake. Cut it into cubes and leave to soften in the open air. Mix the hazelnut powder, flour, baking powder and vanilla powder in a bowl. Put the soft butter in a bowl, add the powdered sugar and whisk until the mixture becomes creamy. Then add the eggs, one at a time. Wait until the mixture is smooth before adding another egg. Add the hazelnut mixture and milk and stir again. The mixture should be fairly compact. Add a bag of hazelnut flakes to the mixture and mix well. Use the release spray to grease your mold. Pour the mixture into the tin and place in a preheated oven at 160°C. Bake for 1 hour. To check if the cake is cooked through, plunge a knife blade into the heart of the cake, it should come out dry. If not, add another 5 minutes to the baking time. Turn out while still warm. For an extra touch of deliciousness, sprinkle your cake with a drizzle of homemade spread and a few hazelnut pieces. Enjoy!
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