Homemade chocolate bars

1. Preparing the dark chocolate bar . We’re going to temper the chocolate. Melt the dark chocolate palets in a bain-marie at 45-50°C, using a food thermometer. Stir to bring down to 27°C. Then gently reheat to 31-32°C. Pour the chocolate into your bar-shaped mold and gently tap the mold to release the bubbles. Quickly […]

Christmas cookie wreath

1. Preparing the cookie dough : Preheat the oven to 160° on static heat (“=” sign on your oven). Mix the soft butter and powdered sugar by hand. Add the almond powder and flour and mix by hand. Add the milk and cinnamon and continue kneading. Roll out the dough on baking paper to a […]

Exotic fruit entremets

A few hours beforehand, use 150 g of coulis and make 4 exotic fruit ice cubes. Place the gelatine in a bowl of cold water to soften. Gently heat the coulis with the caster sugar until it melts. Remove from the heat and add the wrung-out gelatine. Mix and leave to cool. As soon as […]

Sabayon with red fruits

1. Recipe for sabayon with red fruits: Beat the egg yolks with the vanilla sugar until the mix becomes pale and fluffy. Add the Kirsch flavouring and continue to beat the mix with an electric whisk until it turns very pale and frothy. Add the single cream. Place a spoonful of the cream in the […]

Chocolate chip brioche

Pour the warm milk and traditional baker’s yeast into the bowl of your food processor. Mix and leave to rest for 5 minutes. Then add the flour, bicarbonate, sugar, salt, eggs and vanilla flavoring and knead for 5 min at slow speed. Add the cubed butter and knead again at slow speed for 10min. Cover […]

Homemade chocolate-filled cookies

1. Prepare the shortbread dough: In the bowl of your food processor or in your salad bowl, blend the cubed butter and powdered sugar at slow speed for 5min. Add the eggs, vanilla flavoring, almond powder and salt. Mix until smooth. Gradually add the flour and knead until the dough forms a ball. Place the […]

Ultra moist hazelnut cake

1. Preparing the cake: Take the butter out of the fridge 1/2 hour before starting the cake. Cut it into cubes and leave to soften in the open air. Mix the hazelnut powder, flour, baking powder and vanilla powder in a bowl. Put the soft butter in a bowl, add the powdered sugar and whisk […]

Coated strawberries

1. Prepare the coated strawberries: Place your melted chocolate in a stainless steel cul de poule and put it in a saucepan. Dip the dried strawberries in the melted chocolate and decorate with the sugar balls. Mettez votre chocolat fondu dans un cul de poule en inox et le mettre dans une casserole.  Trempez ensuite […]

Coated marshmallows

1. Prepare the coated marshmallows: Stick the marshmallows onto wooden skewers. Melt the white chocolate in a bain-marie or for a few seconds in the microwave. To melt chocolate in the microwave, use medium power and limit heating time to 30 seconds. Tip: Be sure to stir the chocolate thoroughly between each use of the […]

Colorful Pop Corn

1. Prepare the colored popcorn: First heat 2 tbsp grapeseed oil in a large saucepan over low heat. Add the popcorn to the bottom of the pan. Mix everything together, then cover the saucepan with its lid, continuing to heat over medium-low heat. Stir regularly to prevent the corn from burning. Tip: stir with the […]