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Candied for up to 12 days

Want to add a touch of sweetness to your cakes? Then try our wide range of candied fruit.

Whether classic or organic, our candied fruit is an essential baking ingredient, and imparts new flavours to even your most traditional cakes, biscuits and ice creams.
All our fruit is carefully selected to make our traditional, high-quality candied fruit recipes.

Our organic candied fruit baking mix includes candied orange peel cubes, glacé cherries, candied lemon peel cubes and candied pineapple cubes — everything you need for successful, tasty bakes. We also offer bags of mixed candied fruit containing candied orange and watermelon peel cubes. The best sellers in the range are undoubtedly our whole bigarreau cherries and candied orange peel strips that can be used in cakes and puddings, for example.

Baking has never been so easy thanks to our range of candied fruit.

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Traditional savoir-faire

Candying fruit is our core area of expertise and at the heart of what we do. We adjust the candying time to each product to achieve the right sugar content, and ensure that our candied fruit is always delicious and of the highest quality.

Regional production

The production of candied fruit at La Patelière is a tradition that continues today thanks to a rigorous selection process that has earned us a reputation for the confectionery quality of our candied fruit.

Recipe ideas for candied fruit

Fancy making an Italian panettone for the festive season or a couronne des rois to share with family on Twelfth Night, or how about a cake for a summer picnic? There are so many occasions when candied fruit comes into its own!

Orange, lemon, citron, cherry, fig, apricot, pineapple, plum, pear, melon… the list of fruit that can be candied just goes on and on! When making a cake or panettone, add the candied fruit directly into the batter to give it a characteristic flavour and a soft texture.

For a sophisticated, fresh dessert, why not add candied fruit to a nougat glacé or to a glace plombière for an extra touch of indulgence?

Give free rein to your imagination and trust your palate to explore (and taste!) new flavours and textures from La Patelière’s candied fruit range.

Try slipping a handful into more contemporary recipes, such as cookies or financiers, for a guaranteed decorative effect! Combined with chocolate, nuts and other dried fruits, candied fruit has many surprises in store!

Grab your wooden spoon, turn on the oven and let’s get baking!