Discover La Patelière for desserts!

Soft and airy

Whether you’re a beginner and a little stressed, or a more experienced baker in a hurry, our range of preparations for desserts and pastries is here to help!

In just a few minutes, thanks to our preparations (powder mixes), you can make an individual dessert or a cake to share for a special occasion: chocolate brownies, crème brûlée, chocolate fondants… Simply add one or two ingredients from your cupboard (milk, butter or cream) to have a dessert ready in no time.
It’s easy to make, and you’ll enjoy it tenfold!

And because we never stop reinventing ourselves, discover our new products: a pancake and waffle mix, as well as a sponge mix that makes it easy to create a tiered cake for a special occasion. These preparations are designed with the same commitment to quality as our other products, to guarantee simple, delicious desserts that succeed every time.

In just a few minutes! 

Our benefits

Carefully selected ingredients

All La Patelière preparations for desserts and pastries are preservative-free and contain no artificial flavoring.

Gluten-free and organic

All our recipes are gluten-free (with AFDIAG certification) and organic (with Ecocert certification), to suit all gourmets.

Our favorites

Successful recipes thanks to these handy ingredients

Jungle animal-themed chocolate-hazelnut letter cake

Easter treats

Have you always dreamed of creating a multi-layer cake for a special occasion (birthday, christening, wedding), with a beautiful chocolate ganache and a stunningly beautiful serving dish? Do your children love your lemon cream roll, but you’re running out of time when they remind you they need one for tomorrow’s school snack?

Would you like to reproduce some of the pastries you’ve spotted on social networks?

With the help of our dessert and pastry mixes, you can make exceptional creations that will make your mouth water just looking at them!

Of course, our range includes everything you need to make classic cakes (chocolate fondant or moelleux, vanilla crème brûlée, cookies), but we’ve got everything you need to create original and surprising desserts up our sleeve: add a brownie mix to your muffin batter, for example, for ultra-soft, chocolatey muffins.

Or use a cupcake mix to make vanilla and white chocolate whoopies – you know, those little American pastries made of two moist cake halves stuck together with a creamy filling.

So grab your utensils for endless possibilities, surprise effects and deliciousness with every creation!

Be ready for any occasion!