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Whether you are a budding chef or seasoned pro, our flavourings and extracts (available in liquid or powder form) are the perfect solution!

Our aim is to recreate, as closely as possible, the original and natural flavour of the fruit or spice, making it easy to use at home whatever the season.

We have developed a wide of range of high-quality, natural flavourings available in classic or organic versions — all made to our own recipes!

Add a dash of flavour sensation to all your culinary creations thanks to our bitter almond and orange blossom flavourings, or a more exotic touch with our coconut version. For a sweet, fruity flavour, try our cherry flavouring.

Coffee lovers, did you know that we produce our very own coffee extract, as we do for our vanilla, using a maceration and concentration method to create a deep, rich flavour?

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Looking to master a different kind of recipe, such as macaroons? Try our special powdered flavourings!

Rediscover your taste for flavour

Our flavourings and extracts are easy to use, and follow a process that we have developed since 1978 to ensure that we deliver the closest thing to the natural flavour. Simply, pour or sprinkle and enjoy!

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Recipe ideas for our flavourings

Coconut and chocolate yoghurt ice cream

Lemon meringue pie

Chocolate chip brioche

Ciao! Want to make a tiramisu just like nonna? Try adding our coffee extract to give it an even more authentic taste.

Traversing Switzerland, we’re now in the Lyon region to enjoy a delicious Saint-Genix (the famous brioche with pink pralines), delicately flavoured with the taste of bitter almonds.

This same flavouring can also be used in tiramisu, Trianon cake, macaroons, madeleines, financiers and shortbread biscuits. If you’re more a fan of galette des rois, add a few drops to your almond cream or frangipane for a guaranteed gourmet treat!

At La Patelière, we love adding a little vanilla flavouring to custards, ice cream, mousses and flans as it imparts such a sweet, creamy flavour. For your tarts, we recommend adding our lemon extract for a zesty touch, orange flavouring to boost a Swiss roll or raspberry flavouring for fruity cupcakes.

Looking for a little blast of freshness? Then try a little mint extract in your brownie — go on, we dare you! Pssst — we’d like to share a little secret (well, not so secret!) for making pancakes that are delicious and aromatic. Simply add a dash of orange blossom extract to the batter.

Grab your wooden spoons, turn on the oven and let’s get baking!