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Whether you are a novice or expert baker, you are sure to find exactly what you need from La Patelière's 26 chocolate products, including classic and organic options.

Chocolate chips or jumbo chips (a firm favourite among our customers!), chunks, shavings for an elegant finishing touch, discs of melting couverture chocolate to create a smooth, shiny ganache, and all manner of baking chocolate (white, dark, milk, ruby, flavoured, etc.) — you are sure to woo young and old alike.

Revamp classic recipes, share your delicious family favourites, explore new trends, try out different percentages of cocoa or different origins, and give your creativity free reign for bakes that are as traditional as they are inventive, but always fun and delicious.

Palet chocolat

Ultra-melting texture

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Tastes to suit every palate

Dark, milk and white chocolate — the choice is entirely yours! If you’re feeling creative, why not opt for one of our more special chocolate options, like ruby chocolate or one of our designer milk/caramel versions?

fève de cacao

Did you know?

At La Patelière, we are committed to unadulterated taste and pure indulgence.

That is why all our chocolate is made from 100% pure, unblended cocoa butter to retain all the intensity of the taste. Moreover, we guarantee that our dark and milk chocolate chips contain no traces of tree nuts.

Recipe ideas for our chocolate range

Chocolat de creation

When baking chocolate is synonymous with pleasure and sharing

gâteau chocolat la patelière

La Patelière Chocolate Cookies Butter, flour, sugar, a little baking powder and plenty of dark or milk chocolate chips. Can you already smell the delicious aroma of cookies baking in the oven?

If you prefer American-style cookies, use La Patelière chunks. These hunks of dark or milk chocolate are also fabulous added to brioches and muffins, and because they don’t melt completely when baked, they crunch on the surface and melt in the middle. We challenge you not to take a sneaky bite out of one or two of them!

Chocolate chips can also be the star ingredient in a chocolate tart or in our favourite pastries — brioche, Swiss brioche and French-style milk bread!

Do you love almonds? Try decorating your little financiers with chocolate chips, they are guaranteed to be a success at birthday parties and school fetes!

For summer refreshments, sprinkle a handful of chocolate chips over ice cream for a little extra sweetness. And to add the finishing touch to your dessert, don’t forget to sprinkle on a few dark chocolate shavings: the decoration on your cake will be all the better for it! Shavings can also be used to turn a simple ice cream into a stracciatella — a simple ingredient but one that makes all the difference.

Now it’s time for a little advice for the more experienced pastry chefs among you: are you making authentic recipes, such as mirror glazes, smooth, shiny ganaches and desserts?

Then you will need our professional couverture baking chocolate, which melts evenly thanks to controlled tempering!

This is no ordinary bar of chocolate, but rather small discs that you can measure out precisely. It has unrivalled quality, taste and texture.

Grab your wooden spoon, turn on the oven and let’s get baking!